Photos : Tinubu’s Daughter Buys N40million G-Wagon For Boyfriend Just To Say “Sorry”


In every relationship, there are several ways at which two lovers make up for their mistakes when they one party offend the other. A Nigerian woman has taken the apology bar to another level as she gifted her boyfriend with a G-wagon to say ‘sorry.’

We do not know what transpired between the two prior to the G-wagon move, but with this smooth ride, hopefully he will let go of his anger.

According to the person that shared the photos on social media, they posted the picture with the caption:

“Later they would say Nigeria women are not romantic. We surprised this man with a G-Wagon today, and we can’t even keep calm. There was also a note saying I am sorry. so we would be doing a part 3 soon. So the woman said to us we should just drop the key for him with a note. *wedding bells* *lips sealed* We were more than happy to do this delivery, I wish I could write the full gist, but it is not professional, beg me if u wanna KNOW. Did i forget to mention Tinubu’s daughter was in the restaurant, lips sealed.” It was presented to him with a letter which reads: “I am sorry, I love you.”



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10 Responses

  1. Blessing says:

    That car will crash soon lemme not talk more

  2. kassandra says:

    Is it the car that will make him love her, if that it then his with her for her money
    Open your eyes.

  3. adeoye oluwole says:

    The truth of the matter is that both the man and lady in quesition are far away from knowing God. No love . Real love is more than any best car in the World

  4. Yusuf says:

    it normal now,nothing funny in given out a peculiar gift to someone.

  5. Dr Ogunwemimo Sanya says:

    Don’t mind hatters. U can give out a gift of any kind to the one you like let alone someone you love. Especially when you discovered he or she is saving to acquire such or love such. Haaa naija with criticism

  6. ayanfeoluwa says:

    love overcme all grudges,y dont he forgive before a wagon?

  7. OZOR CHIDI says:


  8. oluwaseun says:

    Very nice

  9. Olawale says:

    At first no one wl c dis car n reject it lets pray dat God shouldn’t forget us God’s relationship wt us is different frm lovers so,am happy for d guy

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