Question Of The Day: Is It Right For A Christian To Join Muslims And Eat Ram Today?


I’m a christian..and I really don’t bother about the “Don’t eat sallah meat thing because you’re a christian”.

I eat their meat, once in a while…It’s being ages since I ate the Sallah meat. Last year I didn’t eat, same with previous year…But surprisingly this year, I’ve been planning to eat at a Friends place tomorrow….and all from no where yesterday, I had this bad toothache… 🙁

A friend said, “Maybe God does not want you to eat Muslim ram because it’s so wrong and against the doctrine”.

I’ve been having this argument with Mike about this issue… He’s sometimes confused…and he says it’s against their doctrine..that muslims have used the ram to atone for their sins.

Another person said: It is not only wrong but it’s a bad luck to eat it. They actually cast their lots (bad luck and past sins) on the ram before killing it and so if you partake in it…….

Forgive my jibber-jabber.

My question is….Is It Right For A Christian To Eat The Moslem Ram During This Celebration??

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4 Responses

  1. Peace C says:

    It very very bad as a christian to eat sallah ram.
    They are not serving the true Living God so whatsoever reason they kill anything at all in the act of shedding blood is not in God’s Name.

  2. Simisola says:

    @Peace C, who told you they don’t serve the true living God huh, didn’t Abraham wanted to kill his only Son for God before God told him to kill a ram? We are all serving one God but in different language, Muslim only Kill the ram to thank God for their life and also pray for Nigeria, i hate it when people criticize, if a Christian eat the ram it means nothing at all, only God knows his people ooo, you might not be among so pray for forgiveness now before it too late.

  3. Adebeso Aderonke says:

    Every thing is according to your believe, it is written in the bible that u can eat anything as long as it is not used as a sacrifice to any Gods. I do eat their rams o, cos I have family members that are Muslim.

  4. James Blessing says:

    If one feel like eating the ram there’s nothing bad but let the Christian not criticize an region is bad

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