See Why You Should Never Use a Mobile Phone While Charging, It’s Dangerous!

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Today phones quickly have their battery power low. Often happens to use our smart phone while it is charging. But, we are not warned that using the phone while it is charging is potentially is dangerous.

You should remember that covering your phone with your body, dress or bedding also is dangerous because it may cause flame or burst from the smart phone that could seriously damage your body.

Recently, child in India had been injured probably from expanded radiation caused by low battery. That child, actually used a non – endorsed Chinese charger.

People believe that the mobile phones emit radiation when the battery is low. Actually low battery is not causing the radiation, but the weak sign does. As a result of that, phone works harder and emit more radiation . You should keep your phone away from you when you are in elevator, remote country sides or other structures.

By using fake (often Chinese) chargers you have increased risk of blasts and explosions and as you well know that can seriously damage your body. Big companies, such as Samsung, warn and advise their customers do not use non – endorsed chargers for the smart phones.

So, now the misunderstanding about low battery and exploded smart phones is clarified and solved.

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