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Comedian Of “House of Ajebo” And His Fiancee Uchechi Releases Beautiful Pre-wedding Photos.


Comedian Of “House of Ajebo” And His Fiancee Uchechi Releases Beautiful Pre-wedding Photos.

May 18, 2018

Nigerian comedian, Ajebo, known for his popular ‘house of ajegbo’ cartoon skits, is set to walk down the aisle with his beautiful bride, Uchechi as they’ve already released their pre-wedding photos.

The pre-wedding photos which came with the official hashtag for the wedding ‘#MeetTheAjebos2018’, follows up the couple’s engagement in September 2017. Sharing the photos, Ajebo wrote on Instagram;

I found you, I found Love..With you everything is complete. Thanks for choosing to walk this path with me @uchae_kalu MrsEREM😍♥♥♥💍MeettheAJEBOS18

If I had to do this all over again, I’ll still choose you.♥♥♥ @uchae_kalu MrsEREM😍♥♥♥💍MeettheAJEBOS18

In 2016, Erem Emeka aka Ajebo made headlines after he resigned from his role as an On Air Personality at Naija FM. The Comedian, who has been a presenter on Naija FM since 2011 (approximately 5years) also made announcements about his future plans. He also disclosed in an interview that he won’t marry until he makes N100million.

Here are excerpts from the interview;

What is the House of Ajebo all about?

You know everybody is doing audio comedy CD where they just crack jokes from the beginning to the end. I am doing a comedy album. It is a comedy album in that it has about 15 tracks. What we are doing is the first track may be a set of jokes, the second and third track skit; it is about different scenarios that are still making you to laugh. It is not like the stereotype where you just crack jokes.

I want mine to be something that you can say you want to play me a joke and just skip to that particular one. So I am doing a comedy album, after which we will shoot the video of the all album.

How is this different from what others are doing?

Yes. But this is different because it is coming out in animation form. This will come out about two months after the audio is out. I am doing animation because comedy deals with metaphor s and imagery. Basically we create a world pictures in your head. There are some funny twists that we use in comedy. Humanly it is not possible, but animation can make it possible.

What we are trying to do, is you that we are cracking the jokes to, we are trying to take the stress of you trying to think, before laughing. So we are trying to break it down for you. If you are supposed to think for three seconds and laugh for one minute, then it means that you will laugh for one minute, three seconds, because everything is broken down.

Is Ajebo involved with a lady?

When you say involve with a lady, it is very complicated. Actually I am not going to get married until I make N100m. That is my target. What I am saying in essence is, there is a lady but I would like to achieve what I set out to achieve before I get married.

Do you think the lady in question will be ready to wait until you meet that target?

By God’s grace I should get married in another two or three years which means I have to make the cash within the years I have mentioned.