USA Rapper Lil Wayne Announces That He Is Left With Only A Month To Live



Indeed this is sad news in “THE INDUSTRY” or preferably the Hip Hop music industry this period of time. New Orleans Rapper Lil Wayne made shocking statement this morning time in Atlanta after calling a press meeting, Wizzy who seemed to have lost a lot of weight announced to his fans and the press that he was diagnosed with skin cancer and his Doctors said he only has five weeks to live.
His Doctor confirmed that in the beginning of this month Lil Wayne was examined with stage 4 cancer meaning there is nix they can do to rescue Wayne.
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28 Responses

  1. This is sad news inded so people pls let pray 4 him

  2. Albani Kb says:

    You Still have time to Return to your Creator Do that now before it is too late

  3. Isaiah says:

    But Jesus loves him and he is to heal that skin cancer

  4. Pls wizzy alway pray & fast,so the he make heave [kingdom of God]

  5. Ruky says:

    If only li, can accept jesus as lord and saviour he will be healed

  6. Adeyeye John Oluwafemi says:

    God Love’s You

  7. SUNNY A. says:

    I believe you can live longer than what the doctor said if only you have faith and you can come down to SCOAN Here in Nigeria your health Will be restored. Please make a decision to come down!!

  8. joel says:

    U wanna live just run to Jesus.

  9. Jamaica says:

    Ooh my God why is this happning to him
    (may the almighty God have mercy on him)

  10. Angel idara says:

    That is the result
    of 2much tatoo In his skin.

  11. Nancy wawira says:

    If u can make it to kenya ,I trust en I have faith God will cure you,

  12. Gabriel Afiesi says:

    If You Believe Nothing Is Imposible For Remember King Hezekiah In The Bible Pray You Will Be Healed

    • blessing says:

      What shall it profit Lil that gain the world and loss is soul, what are you going to exchange it. Jesus is waiting for you.

  13. Don Chimz says:

    God will heal you bro, believe in him and have faith

  14. REBECCA says:

    mr lil wayne,the bible says he sent his word forth and heal them of their diseases,remember the woman that lost her only son God bring him back to life,the bible says also, come to me[Jesus]all ye of heavy laden and he will give u rest,REPENT AND CRY OUT TO GOD AND HE WILL HEAL U

  15. Francis says:

    The only solution to Lil problem is JESUS. The wages of sin is death, except he accepts JESUS as his on Lord and Saviour he cannot live because JESUS is the bread of life. Lil, JESUS loves you!

  16. aduragbemi says:

    Wizzy you have more got more time to fix thing properly btw you nd ur creator

  17. prince kevin ifeanyi says:

    This is very sad, he happens to be my best mumusician in the world. But I pray for him now that were ever he is right now the almighty God that I serve him in Jesus might y name Amen

  18. Benedict Oguntimehin says:

    Why is our generation this gullible. Even if it’s true dat he ll die of cancer, what do u expect? God will heal!! God will heal!!! More rings to ur face and all ur body. Even faithful Christians die of cancer, come to Nigeria nd Kenya, why re ur pple dieing there… If u had such power… Keep tattooing nd adding rings to all parts of ur God given body, u won’t only die of cancer… Just d bitter truth, why not run back to Illuminati… I am sure u guys re powerful too… Arrant nonsense. Better amend b4 it’s too late, atleast some years in purgatory is better than eternity in hell…

  19. Kenny Oladoke says:

    I wish he can board on the next available flight to Nigeria while I pick him up @ the Airport to my Village. My digits are : 08054272162,08060915090 and he is gon be okay in a matter of days.. I mean few days, ‘cos is what I inherited from my late father.

  20. can somebody help me tell that young man not to give up. there is hope for him to live doctors I made to treat but god is the healer my dear brother if u want to live visit a true man of god let him pray for u or you can come to Nigeria were u can get traditional medication I have seen deference can of case like this that is even worst them your own they are still alive believed in god you will live if you believed what I just told you hear is my number call 002348038024228 or 23487051998804 I hope to hear from you dear brother this my prayer for u . u shall not die u were born to live not to die before your time cancer not not take your live believed god

  21. ben says:

    U inherited what? 419?

  22. Williams says:

    Well, Sorry For what the doctor told you! but you have not being to the great physician, the master of live, the conqueror of death- Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, He has invited you to come to him “come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for i am gentle and lowly in heart, and you find rest for soul. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matt. 11:28-30.

  23. chris says:

    only the great physician can heal u which is Jesus Christ make him or frd no time is too Late God loves u

  24. Promise Ebem says:

    Wayne ma G nting will happen to u no fear jst put ur trust nd believe in God dat was d doctors opinion nt God. Ur healed in Jesus name. AMEN.

  25. Agyapong Foster says:

    Humans Shouldn’t forget that there is time for evsrytin If God says yes No body Can say No God Save,housing

  26. sam says:

    Sorry lil rem God can make u leave for one more decade

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