Young man shares photos of married woman he allegedly slept with


Another HOT Gist!

A married woman is definitely in hot soup as she finds herself in a blackmail mess after having an affair with a young man.

Red Below:

Hello Ladies! We must be extremely careful who we have fun with these days. I am saying we because it could happen to anyone. There is a nude picture going around of a married lady allegedly from the US on holiday in SL who ended up having extra- marital affairs with a young man. After s.ex, he demanded $10,000. When she couldn’t pay out he sent the pictures to her husband and made it public. . I will share the unfortunate pictures because this is a women’s group and to alert you to the man and the new dangers facing us. You don’t need to be married, you can be single and just wanting some fun. Be careful, it could be you or a close associate.
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